Comic Book Previews for December 9th, 2009


Holy stocking stuffers! We got so busy shopping for all the comic book fans out there that we almost forgot! It's time for a look at the major releases this week! Sleigh bells are ringing over in the DC universe this week as the DC Holiday Special 2009 sees release. Many major heroes are present for this special, heck even Deadman showed up! These usually go quickly, so be sure to get your copy! From a white Christmas, to a Black Alice. Secret Six #16 sees magically dangerous Black Alice hoping to pledge the band of villains, but wait... aren't there already six members? It's all eyes on Donna Troy in this week's Titans #20, and of course, just in time for the Fearsome Five to continue their assault against the Titans! The Blackest Night arc concludes its two-issue stop in this week's Adventure Comics #5 as Superboy-Prime takes on the Black Lanterns in his own way, and in the back-up feature look for Superboy Conner Kent to face off with none other than Lex Luthor! Batgirl #5 and Red Robin #7 both continue the latest adventures of two Gotham residents who've remade themselves into heroes for a new age. Over in the pages of Action Comics #884, things aren't looking too good for Lois Lane as she tries to clear Flamebird and Nightwing! Marvel kicks off an X-citing week with the release of Nation X #1. This new series will focus on the minds and feelings of various X-Men characters such as Nightcrawler, Wolverine, etc. With a new way of life for the remaining mutants, this series could prove to be a great window into their hearts and minds! And speaking of gaining mutant insight, X Necrosha The Gathering is a one-shot that will explore the inner sanctum behind Selene's band of undead mutants! Will Electro's plug get pulled? Find out in Amazing Spider-Man #614 as the first arc to "The Gauntlet" concludes. Leave it to the ladies to save the day in New Avengers Annual #3 and it's off to the climactic battle between Hulk and, yes, Tyrannus in The Incredible Hulk #605! War Machine #12 brings to a conclusion the adventures of James Rhodes. How will it end? Dark Horse brings us Groo: The Hogs of Horder #2 this week. Groo continues his misadventures in this issue that introduces King Huhu and his role in the current fine mess Groo is involved in. Emily the Strange: the 13th Hour #3 also bows this week, continues what is probably one of the strangest thirteenth birthday celebrations ever. Also be on the watch for Star Wars: The Clone Wars #11! Image Comics will unveil the newest series from writer Michael Oeming this week with God Complex #1. Find out what happens when Greek god Apollo goes on the run from his family (the Olympians, natch) and tries to live a "normal" life among mortals! The Walking Dead #68 brings us another step closer to big changes in the title, and be sure to pick up the one-shot Tank Girl: Dark Nuggets, the first in a line of promised Tank Girl one-shots that will be soon on the way! Boom! Studios drops anchor again this week with God's own leg-breaker returning in the pages of The Anchor #3. The Phil Hester-penned series sees our hero abiding by the rules of man, but how long before that might end him? It's bagels away as Boom releases both The Muppet Show Comic Book #00, which will focus on *voice affectation added* "Pigs in Spaaaacceeee" and Toy Story #00. Dynamite Entertainment has a pair of fantastic fours this week with the release of The Complete Dracula #4 alongside Army of Darkness: Ash Saves Obama #4. Vampires and politics sometimes go together, so why not!