Curveballs In Pokemon Go Now Offer Better XP

pokeball throw

Yesterday, Pokemon Go underwent a bit of a quiet overhaul, causing big changes in Pokemon Nests and the battling system. Players have also noticed another subtle change to the game: namely how curveballs reward players with XP.

In Pokemon Go, players used to get a 10 XP bonus for catching a Pokemon with a curveball. However, if players caught their Pokemon with a "nice", "great", or "excellent" throw (by hitting the Pokemon within the shrinking target circle and a curveball, they would often only get one bonus, even though they should technically get bonuses for accuracy and the curveball. Because players can get up to 100 bonus XP for an "excellent" throw and only 10 XP for a curveball, most players passed on the curveball in order to focus on accuracy.

Pokemon Go seems to have fixed this bug yesterday, as both throw bonuses are now regularly stacking on top of each other. The catch rate bonuses for using a curve ball also stacks with the catch rate bonus for hitting a Pokemon with a precise throw, giving players even more impetus to start twirling and curving their PokeBalls.


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