Dad Tapes Son Watching Star Wars For The First Time


A special moment that a parent can have with their child is when they share with them a movie that they grew-up enjoying to see if their own kid is captivated by its magic as well. That's what Star Wars-loving father, Andy Herald, did with his six-year-old son. They sat down and watched the original 1977 film and he released a highlight video of his son's first reactions.

"I’d been getting a little anxious with the swiftly approaching release of The Force Awakens," Herald explained on his How To Be A Dad website. "I wanted my little lad to see A New Hope and its original cast of characters — Luke, Han, Vader and crew — before he learned any more friggin’ spoilers, or got hyper interested the new movie before he’d had the chance to start at the beginning. The proper beginning!"

As you'll see, his son was extremely inquisitive throughout the viewing, hammering his father with tons of questions. Can you guess how many? Whatever number you're thinking: Go higher, much higher!


Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in U.S. theaters on December 18.