Daredevil Showrunner On Trailer, Stan Lee Cameo, & Cussing


As Daredevil nears its April 10th premiere on Netflix, showrunner Steven DeKnight is fueling the anticipation by talking the show up on Twitter.

When fans took to DeKnight's Twitter page earlier today with burning Daredevil questions, he was quick to tease with plenty of cryptic answers.

A fan first asked DeKnight if Stan Lee, Daredevil's creator, would have a cameo in the Netflix series, DeKnight replied "I'm forbidden to reveal any details." A coy answer for certain, but he didn't say "no," did he? Indeed, it seems impossible to think that Lee, who has appeared in every Marvel Studios production to date, wouldn't have a cameo in Daredevil. 

Then, someone asked a question that's been on every fan's mind—Why hasn't Marvel and Netflix released a trailer for the series yet? "Because the pure awesomeness would explode your head," DeKnight wrote back. It's likely that Netflix won't show anything for another month or so. The television provider usually debuts trailers for their original series about around five or six weeks ahead of the release date. House of Cards' third season, which launches on February 27th, didn't receive a trailer until January 11th.

Finally, someone asked DeKnight if Daredevil would have any cussing, cursing, or swearing—since, you know, this is Netflix show and all. DeKnight confirmed the question with a yes, but clarified that only one of those would appear. Fingers crossed for cussing.


Daredevil's premiere season drops on Netflix on April 10th.