DC Comics's Dan DiDio On Whether Young Justice Could Return


During a virtual DC Comics panel earlier today, DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Dan DiDio weighed in on whether fans might have their way and get a third season of the Young Justice TV series.

He, of course, can't act on that directly, saying that the people on the comics side are all for it -- but he does think that it's hard to ignore the rising tide of consumer demand.

"On the publishing side, there's a lot of interest, but I know there's a lot of exciting initiatives on the animation side," DiDio said during the In-Store Convention Kickoff. "One thing I've learned in my years doing this, nothing ever rests forever. The voice of the people is becoming louder and listened to more often, which is a good thing."

Recently, Danica McKellar told fans that if they wanted to see more, the best thing they can do is to binge-watch it on Netflix, where the second season recently arrived.

Executive producer Brandon Vietti said they absolutely would love to revisit the world of the show, it's just a matter of convincing the powers-that-be.


Young Justice aired on Cartoon Network until its cancellation in 2013, and spanned two seasons, a video game, and a tie-in comic book series. Since its cancellation, the show has had a steady stream of support from fans asking for more.