DC Releasing New Rainbow Batman Figures


If you loved Joel Schumacher's neon-bright Batman films than you are going to go bonkers for these Rainbow Batmen figures!

A year ago, DC Collectibles opened up their vault to reveal prototypes of statues, action figures, and busts that were never produced and allowed fans to vote on which item from the collection should be produced and sold. A colorful line of Batmen figures based on "The Rainbow Batman" cover of Detective Comics #241 (1957) won the poll. Now DC Collectibles has released details on when the six-pack action figure set will be available and at what it'll cost you.

"The figures will hit stories in August, with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $70 (about £49 or AU$101) for the set," reports CNET.

Check out the pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple figures in the photo below. To enlarge, right click on the image and choose "view image."


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