DC Universe Online Will Be Free Starting in October

Gee, now I'm glad I didn't buy it when I saw it at Target for $40.

According to a blog post at the DC Universe Online website, the popular MMO game based in the DC Universe will be free to download and free to play starting in late October.

Players will be tiered depending on the level of money they've spent so that those who have been paying all this time aren't starting out on a level playing field with people like yours truly, who stumble in blind when they see a big, blinking sign that says "free!" The three levels are Free users, Premium users and Legendary users, and each level comes with different rights, options, different access levels and different missions and items that the player has access to.

"When we launched DC Universe Online, we introduced a very different brand of massive online game driven by fast action combat to PC and PS3™gamers and with that, we discovered a new type of online gamer," said John Smedley, President, Sony Online Entertainment. "We've listened to our community, and we've determined that the free-to-play model is the best fit for DC Universe Online."

More information on the DCUO free-to-play access levels can be found at https://www.dcuniverseonline.com/free/.