Did Dean Devlin Just Tease A Leverage Movie?

Former Leverage showrunner Dean Devlin got everyone talking tonight with a cryptic Facebook status that seemingly suggests that he is working on a feature film version of the late, lamented TNT series.

"I can't tell from the comments," he joked. "Is anyone interested in a LEVERAGE movie?"

Of course, here's the thing: As with any project where the fans are obsessively demanding a follow-up (Dredd is my favorite), it's difficult to tell whether he's actually teasing that progress has been made on a Leverage movie or just getting everyone riled up for another round of enthusiasm. Nearly every post he makes is swarmed by Leverage fans demanding a movie, so it's equally possible that there a real plans or that he's just having fun with how into it they are.

Another thing that makes it difficult to get a feel for is that this took place on Facebook, where the algorithm has recently changed. Anecdotal experience is that Leverage appears to be making a lot more posts lately -- an odd thing to do for a TV series that's been off the air for a while -- but it's hard to know for sure whether they're actually making more posts than usual or whether fans reporting as much are just seeing it in their feed more.


The series, co-created by fellow producers Chris Downey and Thrillbent co-founder John Rogers, ran from 2008 to 2012, ending on Christmas Day of that year. Two weeks later, it won Tavorite Cable TV Drama at the People's Choice Awards.