Electrify Your Productivity With This Pikachu PC Cushion

pikachu pc
(Photo: Bandai)

Ergonomics just got a whole lot cuter. Bandai recently released a PC cushion shaped like Pikachu, the cuddly electric mouse and face of the Pokemon franchise. The cushion is designed to help folks who sit in front of a computer all day, but also doubles as a built in cuddle break.

The Pikachu PC cushion comes in two parts: a stuffed keyboard that can be placed under your wrist to provide extra support and an oversized Pikachu that sits on your lap to help you maintain good posture. The stuffed keyboard can also be placed in Pikachu's lap, so he can write important memos about the effectiveness of his moves and why Ash Ketchum can never seem to win a Pokemon League. The keyboard is also decorated with various Pokemon, presumably to aid Pikachu in his quick attack typing.

The PC cushion is available in Japan and the US for the low, low price of $89. That seems like a lot of cash, but isn't avoiding chronic pain with the help of Pikachu worth it?


(via RocketNews)