Everything Wrong With Will Smith's After Earth

A few weeks ago, Will Smith ('Suicide Squad') called After Earth the 'most painful failure' in his [...]


A few weeks ago, Will Smith ("Suicide Squad") called After Earth the "most painful failure" in his career. That is saying quite a bit when you remember that he starred in Wild Wild West. Will Smith doesn't have to hang his head too low as the film wasn't a financial disaster. Sony spent $130M to produce it - minus marketing costs - and it grossed $243M at the worldwide box office.

The folks at Cinema Sins have put together an "Everything Wrong With" video focusing on After Earth. I'm just shocked that it is only 13 minutes long. Me thinks Will Smith isn't going to appreciate this nit-picking. Look away Will Smith, look away.

Watch Cinema Sins' After Earth breakdown in the video below.

Did they miss anything?