Fans Look to the Clouds for Possible Ho-Oh and Lugia Connection in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Yesterday, Nintendo released a detailed map of the Alola region, the setting for the upcoming [...]


Yesterday, Nintendo released a detailed map of the Alola region, the setting for the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon games. As fans scoured the map looking for details, some fans believe they may have found an easter egg that two previous Legendary Pokemon will make an appearance in the new games. The Reddit user "C2ke" was one of several fans on the Internet to point out that some cloud formations on the Alola map resemble Lugia and Ho-Oh, the mascot Legendary Pokemon of Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. The clouds have been circled in the image below:


While looking for clues in the clouds seems pretty farfetched, there is some other evidence that points to a possible Johto connection in the Alola Region. One of the islands has a large tower that looks similar to the Tin Tower (the home of Ho-Oh in Pokemon Gold and Silver) and there's been a noticeable uptick in Johto related merchandise in recent weeks. A Johto-themed Pokemon Monopoly game was recently announced, there's a new DVD set featuring Ash Ketchum's adventures in Johto and the Pokemon Center's online store recently launched a "Johto Babies" line of clothing.

Bringing back the two legendary birds wouldn't be without precedent. Pokemon X and Y had strong ties to Pokemon Red and Blue and players could catch all of Kanto's Legendary Pokemon in those games. And Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, 2014's remakes of the Generation III games, added beefed up versions of the Hoenn Legendary Pokemon. Since Ho-Oh and Lugia's respective mythologies have ties to the sun and moon, would it be crazy to think that Pokemon Sun and Moon might introduce Mega Evolutions for both Legendary Pokemon?

We'll have to wait a few more months to see if these theories hold any water. Pokemon Sun and Moon come out in November 2016.