Felicia Day To Join Mystery Science Theater 3000 With Recast Servo and Crow


The contracts aren't yet signed, but Felicia Day is expected to join Joel Hodgson's Mystery Science Theater 3000 relaunch as Dr. Clayton Forrester's Mad daughter, Kinga.

"The other thing I knew was that the next Mad should be someone who could be threatening, and could have moments of true irrational rage," wrote Hodgson in a post to the show's Kickstarter campaign. "I think I started to imagine Kinga as a character like Alice's Queen of Hearts… to the point where I actually started describing her to others as Queen Kinga, even though she's not married."

After appearing in Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Day created a the webseries The Guild and launched the YouTube channel Geek & Sundry. She has also appeared in mainstream film and TV, including a memorable stint on Supernatural.

She'll be joined by the previously-announced Jonah Ray as the new lead, along with comedians Baron Vaughn as Tom Servo and Hampton Yount as Crow T. Robot.


You can see a video of the announcement below.

Bring Back MST3K: More Cast Announcements! from Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Vimeo.

So far, the Kickstarter campaign has committed to at least three episodes. Depending on how much more money the campaign raises, they may make as many as 12 episodes with Ray in the jumpsuit.