Firefly Cast Talk What Their Characters May Have Done If The Show Had Continued

As the years march on, fans’ hope for a Firefly revival dims more and more (though, [...]

As the years march on, fans' hope for a Firefly revival dims more and more (though, considering current trends in network television, maybe they shouldn't). Browncoats are left to wonder what may have been if the series had enjoyed a longer run.

Or, they could ask those involved about where they think the characters would have went after Serenity. That's exactly what happened at Wizard World Chicago over the weekend, with series stars Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, and Summer Glau.

As Baldwin was quick to point out, this would really be a question better suited for creator Joss Whedon, but the actors allowed themselves to speculate anyway. Glau says she always thought her psychic teenager, River Tam, would grow up to become a business owner who works with children. Meanwhile, Captain Mal and Jayne would continue to "misbehave," possibly joined by Jayne's mother, played by Betty White or Bo Derek.

Fans who have seen the show, watched the movie, and read the Dark Horse comics should keep an eye on Firefly Online for more adventures in the Firefly universe. It's not scripted television, but it does feature the voices of the original cast.