First Dead Rising Game Coming To Playstation 4

Following E3 2016, fans of Dead Rising were bummed to hear that the franchise’s fourth [...]

dead rising ps4
(Photo: Capcom/Xbox)

Following E3 2016, fans of Dead Rising were bummed to hear that the franchise's fourth installment would be subjected to temporary exclusivity rights, preventing the game from hitting Sony's Playstation 4 until December 2017. However, to make up for the bad news, it seems like Capcom might be bringing the original Dead Rising game to the PS4 as a way to seek forgiveness.

The site Exophase has recently updated to list Dead Rising under its PS4 titles and even shows which trophies will be available for the PS4 players as well. Until now, there's been no indicators that the original Dead Rising would be coming to one of Playstation's systems as it's been an Xbox exclusive since 2006. Exophase's update is a positive one as the site usually updates its trophy lists only when a game is drawing close to release, so Playstation fans could expect a mall-bound zombie invasion to hit their consoles any moment.

As of now, there's no word on whether the speculated release will be a direct port or remaster, but long-time Playstation fans seem to be interested in playing the game for the first time on their consoles. Unless gamers have already shelled out to buy consoles from both Microsoft and Sony, most diehard Playstation fans have probably had little interaction with Dead Rising given its Xbox exclusivity.

Released back in 2006, Dead Rising is a popular horror survival game which features its protagonist killing zombies left and right in a boarded-up shopping mall that's infested with the undead. Photojournalist Frank West has to fend off the hoard of zombies with anything and everything he can get his hands on as there are about 250 weapons available in Dead Rising. Frank must use these weapons to protect himself, save fellow survivors, and defeat crazed psychopaths all whilst culling zombies to uncover the outbreak's cause. Even today, Dead Rising is often considered one of Xbox's most successful franchises as it's spawned sequels and even mobile apps for its followers to play.