First Footage Emerges From Batman: Year One

Warner Home Video has provided the first official video clip from the upcoming DVD/Blu-Ray release of Batman: Year One. Based on the 1987 retelling of Batman's origin story by Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli, the film looks at the earliest days of Bruce Wayne's career as Batman.

[youtube 06l99z9FmIQ 650 450]

The comic book version of this film is widely considered to be the principal inspiration for Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins. The film stars Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad as Jim Gordon, Ben McKenzie from Southland as Batman and features the voice talents of fan-favorites Katee Sackhoff and Eliza Dushku as Sarah Essen and Catoman, respectively.

Dushku's Catwoman will also get a short film, which will debut the week before the video release at New York Comic Con, attached to the DVD. Batman: Year One will be available for early download-to-purchase on iTunes, Xbox Live and several other platforms.