Flash Season Two: Danielle Panabaker Is Ready To Play Killer Frost

The Flash may just be heating up for its second season, but actress Danielle Panabaker is ready to cool things down.

Panabker, who plays STAR Labs technician Caitlin Snow on the series, wants nothing more than to transform into Snow's superpowered alter-ego, Killer Frost. And that tease only became more real when The Flash's season finale gave a brief Easter Egg of Snow as the ice-cold character. But whether or not that glimpse was an alternate world's Caitlin Snow, a possible future, or a direct forecast, Panabaker is ready to join the Flash's action. During San Diego Comic Con International, Panabaker spoke to the press about her desire to play Killer Frost, what it was like wearing the costume for the season finale, and where Caitlin will go next in season two.

The season finale gave us an easter egg of Caitlin as Killer Frost. Will season two pick up on that at all?
I really hope so. Since I've signed onto the show, I've obviously known that Caitlin could someday become killer frost. I'm wildly excited to play her. I would like for it to happen in season two, but I don't know if it will. So stay tuned.

But what was it like getting to dress up as Killer Frost for the finale?
It was so cool. The team began working on that look several months ahead of time. And then it was incredible to see it come together. I tried on several different wigs, tested several different make-up designs, and then finally we had our look. Between the suit, the wig, the make-up, and the contacts, it was a transformative experience.

So Warner Bros. has a Killer Frost costume just waiting for you, should something happen in the story?

Yeah. I'm desperate to be one of the guys, duking it out!

Are you ready to explore the different versions of Caitlin that the multiverse may introduce?
Definitely. I think it's a really interesting concept. It also produced a challenge as an actor. I remember just doing episodes 15 and 16, asking the question: If Caitlin's living this day over again, does she choose to put on the same outfit? You start there, and just see how it changes.

Now that Ronnie Raymond and Caitlin are married, will we see more of Ronnie on the show?
I hope so. I love [actor] Robbie Amell.

Where would you like to see Caitlin move, in general, for season two?
I'd like to see her get out of STAR Labs more. That karaoke episode was one of my favorites. And while I don't necessarily think we need to repeat that, it would be great to see more of her outside of the lab.

Are you ready to see Caitlin ice up as Killer Frost? Let us know in the comments.


The Flash's second season premieres October 6 at 8:00 p.m. on The CW.

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