Fringe Finale: Five Best Moments

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After five years, Fringe finally came to an end with its 100th episode. Before the finale aired, many of the cast praised the finale as one of the best finales for any series ever, and they weren't exaggerating. The Fringe finale proved to be both heartwarming and satisfying, as each cast member got a chance to shine. Here are our five favorite moments from the Fringe finale. 5. You are my favorite thing, Pete. My very favorite thing – Walter prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice so that his son and Olivia can lead a happy live with their daughter, Etta. Walter's speech to Peter is the most tear jerking moment of the entire finale. 4. Gene the Cow – There were a lot of nods back to things from previous episodes in the Fringe finale. However, our favorite nod back was seeing Gene the Cow in the amber. We will miss that cow. 3. It's a beautiful name, Astrid – After years of calling Astrid by the wrong name, Walter has the perfect moment with Astrid, as he tells her Astrid is a beautiful name. 2. Walter and Michael enter the wormhole – With September dead, Walter doesn't hesitate to take Michael by the hand and lead him into the wormhole. In the final seconds before entering the wormhole, Walter looks back at his son, and Peter mouths "I love you." 1. White tulip drawing – After Peter, Olivia, and Etta return safely from the park in 2015, Peter gets an envelope in the mail from W. Bishop, and inside the envelope is a piece of paper with the drawing of a white tulip. What was your favorite moment from the Fringe finale?