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After five years, Fringe concludes with a two-hour finale tonight. has some excerpts [...]

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After five years, Fringe concludes with a two-hour finale tonight. has some excerpts from interviews with the cast of Fringe, which give away a couple possible spoilers about the Fringe finale. While these spoilers don't go into exact specifics, they do hint at what fans will see in the finale and how it is all going to end. In regards to the two-hour Fringe finale, John Noble, who plays Walter Bishop, said, "He brings in elements that were created in the first four seasons. I mean some of the gags we used and some of the effects we created all come back to visit with us, so it's like a reunion of all the monstrous ways that people have died in the past in Fringe have all sort of been resurrected in different ways." Joshua Jackson, who plays Peter Bishop said, "There's not really an anti-climax. I guess there is in a certain way for the show, we just sort of go out with a big bang." Jackson added, "It's like full action the whole way, and woven into that are moments that feel at least to me organic for all of the characters to have their moments to say whatever it is that they have needed to say, which is different for each one of the characters. You know, that the summation of their five year arcs, but they each have their chance to say their piece before the final cataclysm." Anna Torv, who plays Olivia Dunham, said, "There's some lovely nods to previous episodes. There's some nice little moments where you're 'that's sweet that comes back.'" Lance Reddick, who plays Phillip Broyles, said, "Well, obviously Broyles comes back in the last two episodes. I don't know how much I can say about what he does without giving too much away." Jasika Nicole, who plays Astrid Farnsworth, said, "I haven't ever read or seen a series finale that was as beautiful and touching and satisfying and heartbreaking all rolled into one thing as this show." The one constant theme from the cast interviews seems to be that the Fringe finale will provide a walk down memory lane. Also, it looks like the series will go out with a big bang. The Fringe finale airs on Friday, January 18 starting at 8 PM ET on Fox. Check out our photos from the Fringe finale below (photo credit: Liane Hentscher/FOX).

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