Hideki Kamiya Has Plans For Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 2
(Photo: Nintendo)

Hideki Kamiya, Director at Platinum Games, recently spoke to Polygon about his current project, the Xbox One and PC exclusive Scalebound. During their chat, however, the fan favorite Bayonetta franchise came up, specifically in regards to if he would consider working on another sequel to the game.

"To answer your question straightly, yes. It's actually something I've been thinking a lot about. We've talked a lot about it internally at the company and I've written some outlines for what the game would be. And I feel really confident it would be cool if we got the chance to make it."

He continued: "Right now, we're looking at opportunities... If that opportunity ever came up to make Bayonetta 3, that would be really, really cool."

While the response to his previous entry, Bayonetta 2, was overwhelmingly positive, it took a lot to get that game onto store shelves, ultimately needing to become a Wii U exclusive to actually get made. While it sold well, the Wii U's smaller user base means it didn't get into as many players hands as the team would've liked.


It would need to secure a great partner for a third entry to come to fruition, and whether that is Nintendo again, looking for a series that can sell the capabilities of their new NX system, or whether it ends up being a Microsoft, Sony, or other third party developer looking to bring in an established fanbase remains to be seen.

Regardless of how it gets made, I imagine fans would be excited to see another entry in the series. Kamiya also mentioned he had ideas for Okami 2, as well as for future Scalebound instalments. He certainly has sequels on the brain.