How Many Times Has Luke Skywalker Killed Someone in Star Wars Movies?

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Well, it is Star Wars, but some people might still be surprised to see just how many deaths Luke Skywalker, the "light side of the Force" good guy hero is responsible for. Now, some of these are slightly less than scientific upticks, and of course the number gets a giant leap up at the end of the first film.

Indeed, there's not really a hero in the history of Star Wars that hasn't brutally killed an opponent, and Luke is perhaps chief amongst them. Don't forget, Darth Vader hunted and killed Jedi including younglings for decades before going "oops, my bad" and becoming one with the light side of the Force once more, so Luke's doing okay.


At least he's not as vicious as the Ewoks, who it sure looks like decapitate and eat their foes. Mmm stormtrooper meat.