"I Am Groot" Catchphrase Translated In 15 Languages In New Video

Cómo se dice “I am Groot” en español?Now fans across the globe can find out with Marvel’s [...]

Cómo se dice "I am Groot" en español?

Now fans across the globe can find out with Marvel's new "I Am Groot" video. The summer's hottest catchphrase, uttered by Groot, the talking tree in Guardians of the Galaxy, is uttered in 15 different languages throughout the video. Forget love—Groot-speak is the new universal language.

The video was released in celebration of Guardians of the Galaxy's Digital HD release, making the summer blockbuster available for home viewing for the first time ever. In the video, Groot's single line of dialogue is translated in Spanish, Hungarian, Kazakh, and plenty more. Actor Vin Diesel provided the voice for Groot in the Guardians of the Galaxy film. While Disney didn't reveal if all fifteen versions below are from Vin Diesel, it has been previously revealed that Vin Diesel did record his famous line in multiple other languages, including French, Spanish, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese. 

And just for the record, the answer is "Yo soy Groot."

Guardians of the Galaxy is now available to download on Digital HD, and will be available on Blue-Ray and DVD December 9th.