In Defense Of Justin Bieber As Robin In Batman Vs. Superman

Jutin Bieber as Robin

After Justin Bieber posted a photo of himself with the script to Batman Vs. Superman along with a hint that he might be up for the role of Robin, the Internet has exploded with amazement, bewilderment, and outrage. However, just like with the reaction to Ben Affleck being cast as Batman, could fanboys be overreacting? We take a look at some reasons why Justin Bieber as Robin could be a good move by Warner Bros.

Silences Ben Affleck Naysayers - All those people who posted to Twitter that Warner Bros. could not possibly make a worst casting decision than putting Ben Affleck in the Batman role have to feel pretty stupid right about now. If Warner Bros. wants to send a message to fans to shut up with the stupid petitions, then Bieber as Robin sends a very clear message: "You want to criticize our casting decisions? Keep it up, and Miley Cyrus will be Batgirl before you know it."

Instantly Makes Ben Affleck Better - With Bieber as Robin, it completely takes the pressure off of Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck can show up drunk in the Daredevil suit, and no one will likely care. Plus, if you want to give Affleck true motivation to play a tired and weary Batman like Warner Bros. CEO wants, then what better way than to have Justin Bieber as Robin.

Shuts Fanboys Up About 1997 Batman & Robin Movie – Aren’t you tired of fanboys constantly beating up on Batman & Robin as the worst comic book movie ever made? Warner Bros. was the studio behind the 1997 Batman & Robin, and they are probably tired of hearing it. What's the best way to make everyone forget about a big train wreck? Create an even bigger train wreck.

Brings Authenticity To Robin’s Musical Numbers – When Robin bursts into song while punching out the bad guys, it would really destroy the realism of the film if it’s obvious the actor is lip-syncing. With Justin Bieber in the role, Robin can really sing his own songs. Bieber's casting could help to make Batman Vs. Superman the best superhero musical of all time.


Epic Dance Off With The Riddler – With Justin Timberlake interested in The Riddler role, it would make for perfect casting to have Justin Bieber as Robin. Just think of the epic dance off that could take place between the two Justins. Cast the aforementioned Miley Cyrus as either Catwoman or Batgirl, and Warner Bros. has the makings of a Grease for a new generation.

Bieber Has Just Punked The Internet Better Than Jimmy Kimmel – Remember when Jimmy Kimmel fooled everyone with the twerking fail video? Well, Bieber might have just topped it by posting a pretty realistic-looking fake Batman Vs. Superman script. Every news organization on the planet appears to be reporting the story. It’s a trick worthy of a Robin.