Into The Badlands Episode 4: Two Tigers Subdue Dragons Recap With Spoilers

Tilda runs through the woods, wearing a white dress and covered in blood. She runs into the road [...]

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Tilda runs through the woods, wearing a white dress and covered in blood. She runs into the road and stops a passing truck. Men get out and are hit with butterfly throwing stars from out of the woods. Tilda gives the all clear, and the Widow and her Butterflies emerge. Tilda and her sisters begin unloading gold from the back of the truck. The Widow has her butterflies drag one of Quinn's Clippers out to the road. He drops to his knees and the Widow hits him with a pick.

Sunny is training M.K., and is surprised when M.K. uses a move Sunny hasn't taught him. Sunny asks where M.K. learned it, but M.K. says it just came out of him. M.K. wants Sunny to be impressed. Sunny admits M.K.'s forms are improving, but he's still predictable. Sunny knocks him down to prove the point. Quinn finds them and Sunny sends M.K. away. Quinn says Jacobee and the other Barons are still angry that Quinn took the Widow's oil fields. It could lead to war. Quinn says he needs Sunny now more than ever.

Tilda and the Butterflies rummage through some old world artifacts. Tilda finds a snow globe, and one of her sisters finds a record. They put it on and begin dancing to the music. The Widow finds them, turns the music off, and smashes the record. She's angry that the building hasn't been cleaned in time for new recruits to arrive. Tilda says no one is coming. The Widow pulls Tilda aside and want to know what's on her mind. Tilda thinks the Widow is trying to start a war. The Widow says Tilda should have more faith, and reminds her of how she suffered at the hands of the Widow's husband. The Widow says the world they're building comes at a price, and to remember that the next time she wants to show disrespect in front of the other Butterflies.

M.K. continues his training into the night. Sunny watches from a distance. M.K. pulls out a knife and considers cutting his hand, but chooses not to and puts the knife away.

At the Fort, Lydia explains what a blood orange is to Jade. It's a rare fruit that will be a gift for the other Barons at Jade's wedding. Jade doesn't see why they should honor rivals who would see them dead. Jade suggests that Lydia should think of them as daughter and mother instead of rivals, to help them through this new power dynamic. Lydia says if she was Jade's mother she'd suggest Jade not sleep with her future husband and her future husband's son at the same time.

Veil suggests a treatment for Quinn's condition that will weaken him, but could heal the tumor and let him live longer.

Sunny rides out of the Fort with M.K. Sunny reveals that he saw M.K. practicing last night and M.K. says he practices ever night. Sunny has brought him out where there are no witnesses so that he can cut M.K. and start helping him control that power. Sunny cuts M.K. and M.K.'s eyes turn black. With one blow, M.K. sends Sunny flying back into a brick wall, then collapses.

Sunny wakes up and wakes M.K. M.K. tells Sunny that he doesn't remember anything after he gets cut, like it's a different person. Sunny tells him he needs to focus, to face this other side and find its opposite force. Sunny tells him to focus on something pure, but when asked, Sunny is unable to name any such thing.

The head of Quinn's captured Clipper is sent back to him, with a message supposedly written by Jacobee, claiming he was caught robbing a gold transport. Ryder buys the play, but Quinn sees it as a ruse by the Widow. Quinn wants Ryder to ride out, but Ryder argues. They begin subtly arguing about Jade and what place Ryder has in Quinn's legacy.

M.K. goes to Veil and asks about the book. She says nothing about the book makes sense, and shows him a portion of the book that's been cut out. Sunny arrives and accuses M.K. of stealing the book. M.K. says the book can show them the way out of the Badlands, but Sunny thought M.K. already knew the way. He gets angry, and M.K. leaves. Sunny says Quinn is going insane and leading the Badlands towards war. Veil says it's the tumor making him behave that way, and she knows about it because she's treating him now. She says she has no choice, but Sunny says if Quinn dies the other Barons will come to their door.

Ryder meets with Zypher. Zypher turns down Quinn's parlay offer, but Ryder says he has a proposal of his own.

Sunny visits Waldo. He recalls Waldo saying a man needs a passage up the river, a map of the Wasteland, and nothing to lose to escape the Badlands. Waldo warns him that there's nothing out there, but Sunny is determined. Waldo realizes that Sunny has fallen in love. Waldo explains that the Baron always deals with the River King directly because the Barons need the River King's blessing to move shipments up and down the river. Waldo gives Sunny a toy soldier that will get him an audience with the River King.

Ryder finds Jade. They immediately start arguing, but Ryder kisses her. She hasn't been to Ryder's room in weeks, but she says she has to get ready for the wedding. Ryder wonders how she'd feel if he were Baron. Jade says he won't challenge his father. Ryder tells Jade she's not in his mother's league. Jade thinks she can handle her. Ryder says that's what Quinn's second wife thought as well, but she died of supposedly natural causes.

Jade visits Mari, the Fort's house Cog. She asks for information on Quinn's second wife, Beatrice. Mari says she saw Lydia picking monk's hood, a deadly flower, just before Beatrice died.

M.K. is in the pit with the other trainees, sulking. Sunny enters and they snap to attention. Sunny chooses six of them to be scouts for the Baron's escort, but doesn't choose M.K.

Sunny tells Quinn its time.

Quinn's Clipper force clears out the graveyard where Quinn and Jacobee are to meet. As Sunny and the clippers explore the graveyard, Sunny finds M.K. hiding behind a crypt. Sunny is angry, but tells M.K. to keep watch. The Clippers continue to explore. They find Zypher and two of Jacobee's other Clippers. M.K. watches from afar. Jacobee approaches Quinn, flanked by more Clippers. Quinn says he had nothing to do with the attacks on Jacobee's gold transports, but Jacobee wonders why Quinn then took the oil fields. The parlay is not going well when M.K. spots Tilda approaching with a Jacobee Clipper's pick. She throws it at Quinn, but Sunny catches it. A fight breaks out between Jacobee and Quinn's forces, with the two Barons and two Regents squaring off. Tilda tries to make a getaway, but M.K. catches up with her. The two fight, and Tilda cuts M.K. with one of her throwing stars. The power comes over M.K., and he attackS Tilda, holding her up by the neck. M.K. tries to punch her, but the sound of her voice makes him freeze. Sunny watches as M.K. fights back the power and collapses. Tilda throws a star at Sunny. He dodges and she runs, but Sunny picks up the butterfly star. Jacobee and Zypher have Quinn surrounded, but Sunny shows them the buttefly star and they pause. Jacobee tells Quinn he needs to deal with the Widow, then retreats with his men.

Quinn returns with his Clipper force to the Fort, but Sunny notices something is wrong. There are no Cogs in the field, and no Clippers on guard. They dismount and find dead Clippers in the field. They cautiously explore the Fort, and find Mari and her child cowering in their home. Mari says the Widow came, killed all the Clippers and offered gold to the Cogs for a better life by following her.

Zypher pulls a hood off of Ryder's head. He demands to know where Jacobee is, but it's the Widow who is present. The Widow proposes they join forces against Quinn. Zypher has already joined with her in hopes of taking Jacobee's place. The Widow asks for the boy with the Azra pendant. She says if she gets him, Ryder will be a Baron. Ryder agrees.

Sunny rides out and seeks his audience with the River King. He shows the soldier, and the River King agrees. Sunny asks for passage out of the Badlands. The River King calls him a fool, but agrees they can come to terms, out of respect for what Waldo did for him.

The River King brings Sunny on board a ship that was supposed to be bringing a shipment of Cogs, but there had a been a slaughter. The perpetrator was M.K. The River King offers safe passage in exchange for M.K.'s head.