Iron Man 3 HeroClix Come to the TabApp

WizKids has announced that a new Iron Man 3 Elite TabApp Starter Pack will roll out to stores in April, and is currently available for pre-order.

The app, which allows players to interface with their iPad using HeroClix and physical recognition software, has already seen releases for DC and Marvel heroes, as well as a Dark Knight starter pack not unlike this Iron Man one, according to Comic Book Movie.

Check out the official information below, and the PDF for preordering the starter pack at Universal Distribution.

Marvel HeroClix TabApp™ Elite figures and Clixstation are fully iPad compatible thanks to our free, single-player application download! TabApp™ Elite figures interact with the Clixstation via an electronic combat dial and the Clixstation then communicates your TabApp™ Elite figure's information to your iPad for one of three different game play experiences! The Marvel HeroClIx: Iron Man 3 Movie TabApp™ Elite Starter pack includes TabApp™ Elite Clixstation as well as an exclusive Iron Patriot TabApp™ Elite figure that is also 100% compatible with tabletop HeroClix!