Iron Man Reference In The Martian Revealed

We've all been rooting for Iron Man to go out into the galaxy and meet Peter Quill, but for now, we'll have to settle for an reference of the genius billionaire philanthropist in Ridley Scott's interstellar adventure, The Martian.

Be warned, BIG SPOILERS for The Martian follow. If you haven't seen it, read my review, then go watch it. Then come here to reminisce on the Iron Man reference.

Final warning!

Towards the end of The Martian, when the Hermes crew has already slingshotted back to Mars in hopes of catching Mark Watney in outer space, things don't go exactly as planned. Watney is spinning out of control and drifting away from his rescue.

Watney's quick-thinking and humorous intelligence, however, has a plan to link up with his saviors. He suggest cutting holes in the palms of his space-suit, which will make him "Like Iron Man," when he uses his hands to guide his flight through space, towards safety. Though, the crew insists it is a terrible idea, Watney tells them even if he does die, "I would get to fly around like Iron Man," first. There was even a point when Sebastian Stan, who plays The Winter Soldier and is part of Iron Man's opposition in the upcoming Civil War film, is on screen and Watney says, "Go Iron Man!" I guess we know where Watney's Civil War alliance lay.

This reference comes in addition to the fact that The Winter Soldier from Captain America movies, Luis from Ant-Man (Michael Peña), and Sue Storm of the new Fantastic Four (Kate Mara) shared a whole bunch of scenes, which was fun.


There was also a Lord of the Rings reference, earlier in the film, us geeks can appreciate. The meeting in which NASA debated on how (or whether or not) to save Watney involved a plan called Elrond, as in The Council of Elrond, the secret meeting held to decide the fate of the One Ring. A bonus is the fact that Sean Bean was in the scene, and of course, he played Boromir in the Middle-Earth saga.

The Martian is now playing in theaters but hopefully, since you spoiled some big parts for yourself, you already saw it.