J.K. Simmons Weighs In On Petition To Bring Him Back As J. Jonah Jameson In Spider-Man


Entertainment Tonight caught Whiplash actor J.K.Simmons on the red carpet of the Film Independent Spirit Awards, where Ashley Crossan informed him of the of the new Spider-Man reboot.

She also acknowledged the current fan petition that is requesting Sony and Marvel Studios to recast him as the iconic J.Jonah Jameson. Simmon's J.Jonah was easily one of the best parts of the original trilogy, and depending on the tone of the film, I would definitely love to see him back in the role

J.K. didn't seem to be convinced, stating "That petition does not come from anybody that is in a position to actually do anything about it". When Crossan asked if it did happen, would he be interested, he seemed to remember the previous movies fondly.

"Dong those movies with Sam was one of the great joys of my career, and it was a super fun character...so I'll never close the door on anything."

My stance on petitions is that most often they just don't hold any weight. That said, there have been a few to really sway opinion, so maybe this one will too. Either way, I think he would be a great addition to any cast.


via ET