James Franco Thinks Ben Affleck Should Direct Batman Vs. Superman

Ben Affleck

Ever since the fan backlash over Ben Affleck being cast as Batman, a number of other Hollywood actors and directors have been rushing to Affleck's defense. Almost everyone in Hollywood appears to be on Affleck's side, and many have voiced support that they think Ben Affleck will make a great Batman.

Actor and director James Franco is the latest to sing Affleck's praises. Not only does Franco support Affleck as Batman, but he even took it a step further and endorsed him to take Zack Snyder's directing job. In an interview with EOnline, James Franco said, "I think he's proved himself now as both a director and an actor, but I will say he's best in the movies he directs. Maybe he should direct it. I think he should direct it."

In addition, Franco also absolved Affleck of blame for the Daredevil movie. Franco explained, "As an actor, there's this crazy thing where you could be good, you do good work, but then if you're in a movie that's not so good, they blame you…That's just crazy thinking."

Batman Vs. Superman (not yet officially titled) is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on July 17, 2015.