John Boyega Says Finn-Poe Romance is Only In Oscar Isaac's Head

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

In a yet-to-be-published interview with Shortlist's Chris Mandle, John Boyega answered the biggest question the internet has about Star Wars: The Force Awakens - and no, we don't mean anything to do with the identity of Snoke.

Is there any kind of, or hope for, a Finn and Poe Romance?

You see, they're a Tumblr sensation, with fans reading into every wink, lip bite, nudge and line. Coupled with Oscar Isaac saying he "played romance" in some of his scenes - and most of his one-on-one scenes are with Boyega, it set "shippers" aflame.

Well, Boyega says that can stay in your head-canon, but it's not part of the film's universe.

"Sad news: John Boyega confirmed to me the Finn/Poe romance is not canon and it only exists 'in Oscars's head' :(" Mandle tweeted Friday. The full interview will go up January 21, so there may be more there soon.

In the context of the film, there wasn't a lot of romance, implied or otherwise. Finn does ask Rey if she's "got a boyfriend? Got a cute boyfriend?" early in their interactions, but nothing was explicitly stated between them. As for Poe, well, at least he has BB-8, who he also joked about having romance with at the global press day for the film.