Joss Whedon talks 'Avengers', 'Buffy,' 'Dollhouse' and More at SDCC

One of the most anticipated panels at San Diego Comic-Con was today's with Joss Whedon. The 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' is currently directing the pinnacle of a handful of Marvel films "The Avengers." With a bunch of A-list actors on board for Avengers, how is that process coming? "I find that these characters mesh through their differences very well. And what I also find is that these actors have a great time playing against each other, and they are, as a troop, actually a much better team than the Avengers are." Wow, those are some pretty strong words. But since Whedon is a badass, we'll trust his judgment on that one. So what's next for the Slayer creator? Joss has an season nine of the Buffy comic book series coming out in September (if you haven't read it, go buy it). There is a 'Dollhouse' comic book coming out (not sure about that), as well as an 'Angel & Faith' comic book series coming out next month. And oh, Whedon says he'd like to take Buffy to Broadway. "I can't say that I will, or that by the time I try to anyone would want me to, but yeah, I think she belongs there." If anyone could pull that off, it would be Joss Whedon.