Judge Dredd: Superfiend Trailer Released

The full-length trailer to Judge Dredd: Superfiend is now available to watch on YouTube.The latest trailer for Adi Shankar's bootleg Judge Dredd cartoon reveals that Superfiend will tell the origin of The Dark Judge, one of Judge Dredd's deadliest enemies.

Shankar, who also produced Dredd, addresses viewers before the trailer begins, stressing that Superfiend is a departure from the 2012 film. "Its intention was to play up the satirical tone found in the Judge Dredd comics," Shankar said in the trailer's preface. Shankar has made other unofficial superhero productions in the past, offering bootleg stories on Venom and The Punisher.

Today's trailer, which follows Tuesday's teaser trailer and Monday's first images, reveals numerous scenes of Judge Death doing what he does best; namely, killing people.


The trailer also comes with the film's official release date, October 27th, meaning that fans only have to wait four more days until Judge Dredd: Superfiend is unleashed.