Legion of Super-Heroes Cancelled in August

Legion of Super-Heroes #23

DC Comics announced today via their August solicitations that August's Legion of Super-Heroes #23 will be the final issue of the series. Written by Paul Levitz, the final issue features art by guest artist Kevin Maguire, who is wrapping his run on Worlds' Finest. Here's the solicitation:

In this final issue, the Legion picks itself up after the brutal attack from the Fatal Five nearly destroyed civilization across the cosmos! While some Legionaires bury their dead, others fight for the future of the Legion against a society that now doesn't trust them. Don't miss surprises galore in this landmark issue drawn by Kevin Maguire as the true nature of the Legion is questioned—and the future of the DCU is changed in a way you'll never expect!

Of course, Legion of Super-Heroes never stays gone for long, and with some other potential titles out there that haven't been tried out in the New 52 yet (Legionnaires, for example), don't be surprised if this "final issue" is only a precursor to a rebrand and relaunch in the fall. Without Legion of Super-Heroes, Teen Titans will be the only title in the Young Justice family of DC titles unless a new series is launched in September. Speculation online that Legion of Super-Heroes could be rebranded and relaunched as part of the Justice League family of books could mean that the title could find itself standing alone even if the Legion returns. With the recent cancellation of the Young Justice cartoon, it could be interesting to see whether that's even a brand that DC cares to promote anymore, or whether future titles featuring young heroes could be folded into the other existing New 52 families.