Lucky Charms Giving Fans A Chance To Win A Marshmallow Only Box

(Photo: General Mills)

Ever wanted to sit down and just chow on a bag of Jet-puffs in the morning at breakfast, but afraid of the stigma behind that? Do you laugh in the face of the "balanced breakfast" propaganda machine? Well you're in luck, as there are ten boxes of Lucky Charms Marshmallows being made and given away for free. That's ten boxes of nothing but horseshoes, clover hats, rainbows, hearts, and more, and none of those crappy little oat fish looking things. It's such a big deal that Biz Markie sang about it. I... I am not kidding.

For fans that take a picture of themselves holding an imaginary box of Lucky Charms on social media and use the #Lucky10Sweepstakes between October 14-18 can win one of the ten all-marshmallow boxes of the cereal.

It's so big that Biz Markie sang about it... again.


Good luck winning the Marshmallows box, and good luck ever getting that song out of your head.