Lucy Lawless Wants To Return To Xena

Ash vs. Evil Dead star Lucy Lawless, 47, wouldn't mind slipping on her leather costume to play Xena again. She played the Warrior Princess from 1995 to 2001 and has recently expressed interested in doing a Xena television movie.

"I've been pitching that, actually," Lawless told Den of Geek. "The fans really do want that, and I've met some people who've crowdfunded some things, and I'm just like, 'Why don't we just do that?'"

No Xena crowdfunding can take place until one large matter is cleared up: Who owns the rights to Xena? It is a matter that has been in dispute for many years and according to Lawless nothing has changed on that front.

"It's still about who owns the rights to Xena. But it would still be cool to do it again with Renée [O'Connor], me, Ted [Raimi], and Bruce. It'd be a fun little gig, but what that is I don't really know."

There is another issue: Xena was killed at the end of the television series. To be more blunt, her head was removed from her body. Though, that issue doesn't seem to phase Lawless in the least.


"So what? Technicality!" Lawless laughed. "No one really dies! Screw her head back on, it's a bit wonky, and she's got a really bad attitude since she's been in a box for 20 years, so they've got to get Xena's mojo back, and go and save the world somehow."

Ash vs. Evil Dead will premiere on Starz in 2015.