Man Of The Steel Sequel Rumored To Be Moving Forward Already

Man Of Steel Sequel

Even though it's still several months away from official release, rumor is that Warner Bros. is feeling pretty confident about the Man of Steel. The Man of Steel trailers have won over fans, and reaction to early screenings are said to have been extremely positive.

With all this good buzz in the air, ThinkMcFlyThink is reporting that Warner Bros. is moving ahead with plans for a Man of Steel sequel. According to their sources, Warner Bros. is accelerating their development of a Man of Steel sequel. Since David S. Goyer wrote the script for the first Man of Steel, Warner Bros. has also reportedly hired David S. Goyer to start writing the sequel.

Earlier comments from director Zack Snyder suggested that a decision wouldn't be made about a sequel until after the movie premiered in theaters. Zack Synder said, “We like to take it one step at a time and not curse anything. It’s that kind of thing so we’ll see what happens.”

Of course, Zack Snyder made those comments before all the positive buzz started. We've reached out to David S. Goyer's rep for comment, but we have not yet heard back. We will update you if we hear either a confirmation or a denial.

Man of Steel is scheduled to be released in theaters on June 14, 2013.