Marvel Heroes Creator Celebrates One-Year Anniversary With Infographics

Marvel Heroes is coming up on the end of its one-year anniversary celebration, in which it upgraded the game to Marvel Heroes 2015, released on Mac, and added the Silver Surfer to the list of playable characters.

To cap off the celebration, creator David Brevik his posted a thank you letter to the game's player base. Here's an excerpt:

First, my personal thanks to our community for the continued support, dedication, feedback, help and overall righteousness that has kept us on-target for 365 days (that's a lonnnng story arc). Sincerely, building upon the initial Marvel Heroes release in such a tremendous way to now be able to deliver this launch of Marvel Heroes 2015 has been a true privilege.

Brevik goes on to talk about just how far the game has come. To help the visual learners out there, he also included these shiny infographics showing visually just how much has been added and improved upon in the game since its release just one year ago.

For in game celebration, Marvel Heroes 2015 will host the "Epic Twelve" event, where they will be bringing back fan favorite events from the past year and creating some new ones as well. You can get the details here.