Marvel NOW!: X-Men Legacy by Spurrier and Huat Stars...Legacy!

And that's all she wrote; no surprises this week as last week's cryptic Marvel teasers have now all been revealed, with Si Spurrier and Tan Eng Huat taking over X-Men Legacy with a new #1 in November for Marvel NOW!

The star of the series? Legacy, the son of Charles Xavier best known as the crazy guy whose actions led to the creation of an alternate timeline known as the Age of Apocalypse.

"My background is in writing prose novels (weirdo junkie esoteric murderous bloodsoaked crime fun, bookfans), so to a degree the serial approach is always going to be the more intuitive for me: I like stories to have a definite (and definitive) ending," Spurrier told MTV Geek. "Buuuut what you quickly discover when you start thinking about something more longform is that you can kinda have your cake and eat it: you construct your tale in arcs and counterarcs, so the extraneous stuff – the other characters' stories, the themes and subtexts – can each be brought to a natural and satisfying conclusion while your main guy’s never-ending struggle goes smashing through it all like a white hot comet powered by kirby krackles and angst."

The cover has an experimental, Bill Siekniewicz kind of feel, leading us to wonder whether, like with Mike Allred on FF, X-Men Legacy might be an opportunity for Marvel to give creators some flexibility to experiment and potentially come up with something great, even if it isn't exactly what you expect, on a tie-in book that's branded to one of their most popular franchises as a sales anchor, and for bragging rights in case it turns out well.