Marvel NOW!'s First Title Leaks Early Online

Uncanny Avengers

#1 and #2 were briefly, accidentally available on digital comics retailer ComiXology last night, ahead of tonight's midnight release parties for Uncanny Avengers #1, according to a reader report at Bleeding Cool.

Issues have occasionally been released to ComiXology early, but never one of such magnitude--and unlike previous "leaks," the user claims that ComiXology appears to have taken steps to repair the breach and (presumably) prevent the book from being leaked online, by converting purchases to pre-orders.

"Uncanny Avengers #1 & 2 were up on the New Releases section of Comixology," the reader wrote. "I purchased both and read #1 but I just get an error when I try to read #2. I can’t get the purchases to show up on my iPad either. For what it’s worth, Uncanny #1′s 'shock' ending was pretty creepy. A bit of a twist on the movie They Saved Hitler’s Brain, if you will."

Bleeding Cool notes that they're likely talking about Avalanche's brain, since he was seen having it operated on in previews for the issue. They Saved Hitler's Brain has been a touchstone for comic book stories before, with the '90s Superman story They Saved Luthor's Brain, which set the stage for a new status quo on the classic villain.

Uncanny Avengers #1 will be out tomorrow--and released at midnight at comic book stores around the country.