Marvel Teases Planet Hulk In Summer 2015

Marvel Comics has released another teaser for the Summer of 2015, this one teasing a return to Planet Hulk, the Greg Pak written event that shot the Hulk into outer space (via Newsarama).

The teaser certainly shows a Planet Hulk that’s a bit different than the one we visited in 2006. The teaser, from artist Mukesh Singh, has a dozen Hulks, as opposed to the one “Worldbreaker” from the original series, and they’re fighting Steve Rogers and Devil Dinosaur.

Yeah, I don’t remember that part of Planet Hulk. Either way, this teaser will surely fan the flames of those Planet Hulk film rumors that have been circulating for a while.

This is the fourth teaser to be released in a series of teasers for Marvel’s summer 2015 plans. The first was for Civil War, followed by Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies, and then Years of Future Past. It’s possible that they’re tied into next May’s big Secret Wars event, but there’s been no confirmation of that so far.