Nicolas Cage Talks About Dropping Out of 'Green Hornet'

A few days after exiting talks to be the villain in 'Green Hornet', Nicolas Cage has gone public with his reasoning. According to the Canadian Press, Cage cited creative differences with actor Seth Rogen and director Michel Gondry.

"'The Green Hornet' was something that I wanted to do, I think Michel Gondry is very talented and I had hoped it would work but I think Seth Rogen and Michel had a different take on the character,' said Cage."

Cage wanted the character to have 'some humanity', but didn't think there was enough time to develop the part. Sounds like a typical Hollywood power play. Cage didn't like the arc of the character and he wanted the script changed. Of course, seeing that they're SHOOTING the film right now, Cage probably should have gotten script changes done months ago. We still think this is a win for "Green Hornet" fans. Cage will go on to other comic book roles, and "Hornet" will pick up an authentic bad guy in Christoph Waltz of "Inglorious Basterds."