No Landscape Is Complete Without A Lifesize AT-ST

(Photo: S.K. art from SCRAP)

Was your Force Friday missing something? Sure, you could take home a droid of your own, and stock your shelves with all manners of action figures, and even dress yourself in some new Star Wars style.

But what about your lawn?

Yes, if your lawn is missing something, like say, an Imperial walker designed to quickly take out large swathes of rebel troops, then you're in luck. If you have the odd price of $4,058.11 laying around, an 8.5' 400+ pound AT-ST can be yours.

The AT-ST was designed and built by artist Sebastian Kucharski, who works primarily with scrap metal, and often with genre and pop culture items. In addition to the walker, he has made battle droids, transformers, and much more.


There is one hitch, though - you have to live in Poland for it to be shipped to you. If you're planning to move it internationally, you'll need a lot more money to get it out of the country. So Polish fans, start saving and enjoy!