Paul Reubens Did Pee Wee Herman Laugh on Gotham Set for Robin Lord Taylor


Gotham's Robin Lord Taylor has already been singing the praises of Paul Reubens - who is playing his father on the show - calling him a "delight" to work with, and will openly call the actor one of his heroes.

"Actually working with him, it's working with your childhood idol," Taylor told in an interview in New York. The actor got to meet Reubens a couple months earlier, so it was easier to get in a groove, but the excitement was never lost on him. "It's going to work - whatever you do, if you're an accountant or something - you go to work, and there's Oscar the Grouch sitting there, or someone like that. It's amazing. And he could not be kinder and funnier and more down to play with us. He loved being there, and we all loved having him there."

Of course, with someone like Reubens around, there is bound to be laughter, something Taylor teased at the Heroes and Villains convention a few weeks ago. Just for Taylor's benefit, he would even throw in a little of his signature Pee Wee Herman "ha-ha" laugh periodically.

"In our first episode together, we'd be between setups, and he'd be making some joke, then every once in awhile, he'd look right at me and just go, 'Ha-ha!' in that little way, reminiscent of Pee Wee, and I would just scream about it. 'Ah! You did it!' It was the best thing," he said with a laugh.

Reubens comes onto Gotham in the latter half of season two as Penguin's father. He comes back into Penguin's life after his mother's death and his incarceration in Arkham Asylum. His debut - and how he'll affect young Oswald, however, is being kept under wraps for now.


Gotham airs Monday at 8pm on FOX.