Peter Berg to Direct 'Battleship', 'Dune' and 'Hancock 2' On Hold

Peter Berg sure knows how to keep comic book movie fans on their toes. Days after reporting that Will Smith and Charlize Theron will return for a 'Hancock' sequel, Berg has signed on to direct 'Battleship.' 'Battleship' is the latest live action film based on a Hasbro property (those folks are REALLY good at turning toys and games into films). The film is scheduled for a July 1, 2011 release, according to Variety. Berg signed a two-picture deal with Universal, the studio behind 'Battleship'. The director will helm an Afgan war drama 'Lone Survivor' upon completion of 'Battleship.' What does all of this mean? Delays, delays, delays. Fans of 'Dune' have long been waiting for Berg's remake. And Hancock fans, after getting excited just a few days ago, will now have to wait a long while for a sequel. With Berg locked up with back-to-back pics, fans won't see 'Dune' or 'Hancock 2' until late 2011 or sometime 2012 at the earliest.