Pokemon GO Player Trying To Get 1 Million XP Got Soft Banned


Have you ever tried to amass 1 million XP in a single day in Pokemon Go? This hardcore player made a special plan to do just that and in turn was treated like a deplorable cheater.

Previously, Jimmy Derocher was working on a way to figure out how to amass that much XP in one day simply to prove anonymous commenters on the internet wrong. He managed to create a route that would possibly get him to the gold in Austin, Texas and invited viewers to watch him via livestream on Twitch. When a good amount of viewers showed up to watch and a thousand people said they'd do the walk in-person as well, it seemed as though things were going to go super well.

Derocher was able to get several thousand XP by going to Pokestops, evolving Pokemon, and capturing them as well, but at about 13 hours into his stream, he was hit with a soft-ban where every Pokemon began to run away from him. The problem was at the 600,000 mark he was hit with measures meant to curb botting, a problem that's ran rampant throughout Pokemon Go. It's meant to keep you from getting too much XP in a short amount of time and basically is triggered by players who seem as though they may be cheating.

The befuddled player reached out to Niantic directly on Twitter after being smacked with the soft ban, but continued to play despite the roadblocks. He ended up making about $50 to $60 via Charity Miles, but notes that he could have made more if it weren't for being blocked and treated like a a cheater. Though he began having issues catching Pokemon, he was still able to access Poke Stops, which helped him earn an additional 25k in experience going forward.

It's a good example of cheaters ruining a good thing for everyone even when you attempt to play things the right way without any sort of bot or auto app that's meant to play for you.

via Kotaku