RoboCop Comic Con Trailer Description

Robocop Comic-Con Trailer

Last night when we were writing up the Sony/Screen Gems panel live from San Diego Comic Con International, we glanced over the description of the RoboCop trailer, figuring that like most other studios nowadays they would release that footage. After all, Samuel L. Jackson himself said that the best way to get people to watch the film is with the trailer. It hasn't popped up online, yet, though, so we figured we would send along what we had in our notes.

Panning over shots of Detroit, the trailer launches into footage of Sellers saying that Americans "want a machine with a conscience."

Cut to shots of Alex Murphy with his family before he becomes RoboCop, followed by a shot of what looks like a car bomb that injures him seriously enough to become RoboCop.

We got a brief shot of Gary Oldman, who will apparently be one of the scientists who made RoboCop happen, telling Alex Murphy's wife that otherwise, her husband would be a vegetable for the rest of his life.


Cut to RoboCop in action (black armor), fighting gun-toting bad guys and riding a motorcycle thorugh a hail of gunfire. We also see that Abbie Cornish, who plays RoboCop's wife, appears to be the emotional core of the show, trying to "reach" her husband when his humanity seems gone. That she apparently cheats on him could be an interesting beat in the story.

RoboCop has been omnipresent this weekend; in addition to the ads and the panel, the BOOM! Studios booth has a hardcover edition of their new RoboCop book as a convention exclusive and it's been selling like crazy.