Mr. Robot Creator Rebooting Metropolis Sci-Fi Movie as TV Miniseries

Mr. Robot is one of the more successful new cable dramas to come along, and it has showrunner Sam Esmail to thank for its unique style and strong acclaim. Now Esmail is bringing his unique trademark to a new property - or rather, reestablishing an old one.

THR has learned that Sam Esmail is doing a TV reboot of Fritz Lang's cult-classic 1927 sci-fi film, Metropolis. The format will be a miniseries, and is being developed at Universal Cable Productions, with a reported goal of reaching the screen in two to three years. The writers room is said to be small (two to three individuals) and the price tag could inversely big ($10 million per episode, reportedly). There is no confirmation on where the series will land (cable network, streaming, etc...).

Lang's original film chronicled a future city (2026) where the wealthy elite live in high rise towers, while the poorer classes are forced to work underground, operating the machinery that powers the wealthy world above. That storyline is obviously attractive in these days and times, where concerns about the widening economic divide between rich and poor is more prevalent than ever.

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Mr. Robot has been renewed for season 3. It is likely to air sometime in 2017. The Metropolis miniseries is just beginning development.