Savage Dragon's "New Beginning" Coming This Fall

Savage Dragon #191

Savage Dragon


creator Erik Larsen told fans today via Facebook that major changes are in store for the title over the course of the next six issues, culminating with a "new beginning" coming with November's issue #193. "So, plans are to make some rather sweeping changes in Savage Dragon so that issue #193 can be something of a new beginning," Larsen said. "There's something someone somewhat magical to me about the number 193 – it was the issue where Jack Kirby returned to Captain America, which was the first time I was able to buy new Jack Kirby Captain America comics off the stand. Issue #193 was also the issue where my favorite Hulk artist Herb Trimpe concluded his rather lengthy run on The Incredible Hulk. So, I'm looking forward to Savage Dragon #193 and my new beginning." Larsen spoke with recently about the spirit of experimentation that he tries to keep alive with the twenty-plus-year-old book, saying, "I've been doing it off and on throughout the series. It keeps things fun. It also opens things up to new possibilities. We'll be doing a lot more playing with color in the future and I wanted to start that off with a real experimental issue to show the guys what could be done." The series' logo will change with the next issue, June's #188--a process which Larsen also put on display on Facebook, allowing fans to watch his process unfold and to comment on his choices. The original logo, seen at right on a cover mock-up for September's #191, is large enough and features odd enough angles that Larsen has said in the past it occasionally creates problems in the art. The new logo is simpler. So--what could be the sweeping change that Larsen implements this fall? Place your bets...