Scream Queens Recap With Spoilers: Pilot

1995. A young girl walks through a party with blood on her hands. She tells three girls [...]

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1995. A young girl walks through a party with blood on her hands. She tells three girls something bad happened and rushes them upstairs. A girl had a baby in the bathtub. The girls are mad she would have a baby at a party. The new mother didn't know she was pregnant. She thought it was the freshman 15. Another girl enters adores the baby. The three girls leave the one who recruited them to the room and the mother to go dance to "Waterfalls."

They go back upstairs and find the mother dead with the other girl holding the baby. They don't know what to do.

2015. Chanel, the queen of Kappa Kappa Tau wakes up to some pledges dressing her. She teases the house keeper. Chanel Number 5 compliments Chanel 1 and it pisses her off. The house keeper tells Chanel the Dean wants to talk to her. The Dean hates sororities. She has recently moved from Associate Dean to Dean. Her school has a lot of problems and a lot of them are Kappa's fault.

Flashback to the previous Kappa President scolding Chanel. She kicks Chanel off of the spring break trip. The other girls spray her with the spray tan Chanel prepared and it burns her skin off. She sees the devil above her.

The Dean suspects Chanel of filling the tank with hydrchloric acid. She's going after Kappa and taking their Charter. Gigi Caldwell enters and tells Chanel she'll take it from her. She tells the Dean she can't take the Charter and she is Kappa's lawyer. She dismisses Chanel and talks to the Dean. She has a suggestion.

A dad and his daughter drive to her college. He plays a cheesey playlist and tells her he is nervous. He doesn't want her to join a sorority and tells her its like Game of Thrones. The only thing left of her mother's is a pin she wore to her formal dress. She wants to follow in her mother's footsteps.

In her dorm, Grace says goodbye to her dad. They silently hug and he leaves. Her roommate busts in and introduces herself. She's not afraid of anything. The two go to lunch and Grace explains that her mom died when she was young. Grace wants Zayday to join Kappa with her but she's not interested. Nope. She's interested.

A person in a devil costume looks on as Grace looks at the Kappa house. As she approaches, it flees.

The Dean attends a party at the Kappa house. The lawyer calls for everyone's attention. She tells them she's working with the Dean and the Dean tells them KKT has to accept everybody as a pledge. Just about everybody leaves.

Chanel #5 enters Chanel's closet without knocking and slaps herself for it. Chanel is disappointed to see the few remaining pledges. The doorbell rings and Dean Munch introduces her to Jennifer, a friendless girl she found in the library. She's a candle vlogger.

Chanel seeks help from frat boys. They're too good looking and popular to date someone so unpopular like Chanel. The movie about this frat boy should be directed by Michael Bay, "the greatest director of all time," according to the other. He would love Chanel more if other people loved her. He can't date a garbage person.

The housekeeper is scrubbing the floor with a barbie toothbrush. Chanel convinces her that ethnic pledges in their house will result in messy toilets, so she shouldn't want them there, then argues with the barista. Grace then orders a regular latte and flirts with the barista. He chases her out and tries to convince her not to join Kappa. Chanel comes out and calls him a sex offender.

The pledges assemble outside the KKT house. The girls find a "creepy collage" of Chanel with X's on her face and her eyes missing. Chanel leads the pledges on a charge to White Mammy. She dips her face into the frier, which is turned on, and kills her. Grace wants to go get the campus police. Chanel gets the pledges to back her story that Chanel killed the house keeper. Pete, the barista, looks on from the bushes as they hide the body.

Dean Munch smokes in bed wondering how her life ended up like this. She's in bed with the frat boy. She's bitter about her job. She tells the frat boy he's awful in bed. The worst. He's in love with her though. She sends him on his way.

Grace tries to tell Pete about what happened but he calls it out before she finishes. She wants to help him expose the Chanel and fix the Kappa house. She wants to honor her mom. Pete wants to examine the body. They broke into the house but Chanel comes in with Dean Munch's frat boy. He loves death and insists on seeing the body but it's gone.

Chanel leads a blood oath she found on Google, praising Odin. They start freaking out about STDs and Chanel #2 storms out. She wants to tell the truth. While packing, she gets a text, "Brave enough to open the door?" The devil costume is there. He texts her again, asking if she wants to dance with the devil. "I'm going to kill you now," he texts her before stabbing her in the neck. She kicks him and texts, "Please stop." He rises up as she sends a tweet about him stabbing her to death but she doesn't get the tweet out in time. Wait. She comes back to life for a moment and sends the tweet!

Chanel hears a scream from her window. Chanel assumes it was the house keeper who killed Chanel #2. #3 wants to call the police but Chanel is still not okay with it. The door bell rings and #3 reminds Chanel it is Hell Week.

The pledges are in the living room. Chanel promises to haze them really hard. Chanel invites Grace for coffee to talk their differences over. Chanel invites Grace to be Chanel #6 but she refuses. Grace asks why Chanel why she's so awful and Chanel reveals a bunch of problems. Grace tries to reason with her about a better Kappa but Chanel shuts it down.

The pledges are buried in the backyard with only their heads sticking out. They're being forced to sleep there. Later, the devil costumed person starts a lawnmower and starts toward the girls. They all scream as the deaf one sings Taylor Swift and is eventually run over and has her head shredded.

Cops line the Kappa house. Media flocks. Dean Munch speaks but tries to keep things calm. She narrates her frustrations. Inside, she forces the Kappa house to stay on campus and go to class while the investigation takes place. They're all suspects. Grace wants everyone to move in.

Chanel wants to get rid of #2's body. The neck brace girl offers to help. She suggests they take the body apart, in detail, to the point where it won't be recognizable. Chanel elects to put #2 in the freezer.

Gigi hired a police officer to protect the girls. Well, technically, she's a security guard not permitted to carry a gun. She's armed with a night stick, pepper spray, and a walkie talkie to call the police. She has a three step program to ensure safety. 1. Scream her name. 2. Call 1-866-KLJ-0199. 3. Get the hell out of there.

Grace goes downstairs to get more soap. The devil costume is down there but it's to dark for her to see it. She climbs a book shelf but it falls down into the doorway, allowing her to find a locked closet. #5 finds Grace and tells her to get upstairs, no one is allowed in that closet except the President.

Pete and Grace discuss the closet at her dorm. They have to break into the Dean's office to find the records. They kiss, it's awkward, and they have to keep trying to find the killer.

Wes meets with Dean Munch who gives him Scotch at 10 AM. She wants his support in the campus matters. She says the best way to keep Grace safe is to keep her on campus where she has constant armed guard protection. She tells him even if there were a serial killer on the loose, Grace wouldn't be a target, and then tries to seduce Wes. He wants a job on campus as a professor.

Grace breaks into the basement's hidden room. She finds the bathtub from the first scene and chest with the party mix in it. Chanel slams the door shut and tells Grace that since she founds the darkest Kappa secrets she has to kill her. She's just kidding. Then she starts explaining the girl who died in the bathtub.

Flashback to the dead mom in the bathrub. The housekeeper and Dean Munch come in. Chanel tells Grace Dean Munch covered it up. Chanel expects Grace to let it go. Grace wonders what happened to the baby.

The frat boy narrates his sex with Chanel. He says a bunch of phrases involving death and Chanel is uncomfortable. She freaks out and starts eating and kicks him out. He is insulted she would break up with Chad Radwell! Nobody breaks up with Chad Radwell!! And he storms out.

Chad tells his frat bro what happened. He reassures Chad he'll be fine. Boone is scared of the serial killer and wants to get in bed with Chad. Chad calls Boone for being gay and trying to get with him anyway. After saying he'll leave Chad's wiener alone, Chad allows Boone to get in his bed.

Chanel finds Chad and Boone in bed together and Boone's "huge boner" convinces Chanel that Chad is gay. Chad tells Chanel it isn't his fault everybody wants to get with him. They argue about who broke up with who.

Pete breaks into Dean Munsch's office. He goes through some filing cabinets and finds the information on the 95 Kappa House Party. The devil costume knocks him out and leaves him outside of a building hanging by a wedgie.

Grace and Pete talk about the case. Grace finds the devil costume in Pete's closet and accuses him of being the killer and leaves in a hurry. She was going to go to third base with him tonight, too!!

Boone approaches Chanel at a coffee shop. He asks Chanel to give him the chance to come out on his own and he wants to join Kappa. Chanel will allow it. #5 hates the idea.

Denise, the security officer, sits outside the Kappa house. Her partner approaches. and scares her. They eat. The girls notice Grace's dad in a car outside. Gigi wants to go talk to him. Wes is singing when Gigi knocks on the window. Gigi advises Wes to give Grace more space. Gigi calls Wes out for the male power ballad from 1995 playlist and invites him to get coffee.Dean Munsch watches as they pull away.

Chanel criticizes the pledges and their stomachs. They take a shot of something. Outside, Denise hears a scream. Chanel tells them a guy in a red devil costume tried to push her out a window. #5 wants to catch him and Denise says they should run. The girls go upstairs anyway. They find "Sluts will die" written in blood (or red paint) on the wall. The killer kills Denise's partner and Denise takes off, terrified.

Boone works out and checks himself out the whole time. The red devil costume comes in and he says, "What am I supposed to be scared?" Frat brothers try to get Boone to come out with them but they find Boone dead on a table.

Chanel wants to the pledges to drink her dirty hand water. Zayday confronts Chanel about the murders, including one last year. Chad busts in, and Denise... Denise tells the girls the killer killed her friend by stabbing right in the face. Now, her body is missing. Chad tells Chanel he banged "like 50 chicks," since they broke up and now Boone is dead.

A mortuary has a body on a table. The devil opens Boone's holder and Boone takes a the throat slashing make-up off and asks, "What took you so long?"