SDCC: Which Comic Book Character Would KISS' Gene Simmons Write A Song For?

The relationship between legendary rock group KISS and comic books are a special one. After all, [...]

The relationship between legendary rock group KISS and comic books are a special one. After all, lead singer Gene Simmons is an outspoken comic book fan, and has mentioned on multiple occasions how KISS' iconic costumes were inspired by the comic book heroes he read as a child. That appreciation has led to number of comic book collaborations, in which Kiss has traveled to the four-colored world for team-ups with Archie Andrews and Howard The Duck.

But, what if the roles were reversed and Kiss hosted a special comics collaboration? Which superhero or supervillain would the team sing about? During a special roundtable discussion at San Diego Comic-Con, Kiss' Gene Simmons answered just that:

"Dr. Doom," Simmons told

Doom is certainly one of Marvel's most nuanced villains, but what makes him worthy of a power ballad from of history's top rockers?

"When a character is so defined, and when you understand his pathos—in other words—what makes this bad guy more than just a one-dimensional character?, you understand what makes him unique. When you saw King Kong, you understood that he cared for that girl he scooped up. He loved her. He would die for her. That's what made King Kong unique. And what makes Dr. Doom unique," Simmons elaborated. "He's damaged goods. This guy's face is damaged and scarred. So, he's not fighting the world. He's fighting himself. I could have written "Unholy" (a 1992 KISS song) about him."

It wouldn't be the first song KISS would write for a pop culture character. The band revealed that they wrote an all-new song dedicated to Scooby Doo in the upcoming Warner Bros. animated film Scooby Doo! & Kiss: Rock and Roll Mystery. And now that Kiss has added Scooby Doo to their impressive roster of team-ups, who would they to join forces with next?

"I'd like to team up with God," Simmons said.

No joke. But Why? "Because he's cool," was all that he would elaborate.

Well, seeing as how Dr. Doom is currently playing the role of God in the Marvel Comics Universe for the Secret Wars storyline, the wish kind of lines up with his musical aspirations.

So readers, which comic character would you like to hear Kiss sing about? Who else should they team-up with? Let us know in the comments!

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