Voice Actor Sean Schemmel Talks Goku's Dark Side in Dragon Ball Z: Ressurection F

Sean Schemmel says, “it’s hard to say no to something this iconic” when it comes to him [...]

Sean Schemmel says, "it's hard to say no to something this iconic" when it comes to him returning to the role of Goku in the Dragon Ball franchise over and over. "I put him in a completely different category" from other roles, he told ComicBook.com at a special premiere for Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F in New York. The actor, alongside fellow star Christopher Sabat (Vegeta), attended a red carpet event for the film, the 19th in the Dragon Ball franchise. Fans started lining up at 4pm for the 7:30pm showing, hoping to catch a glimpse of the actors and see the film on the big screen before its official limited theatrical release on August 4, 2015.

Schemmel, who has played the role of Goku for over a decade and a half told us that he's changed the way he voices Goku, and has always been "wondering whether there's a dark side or a shadow to the character." He's cautious about going too far down that road, however.

"I'm careful not to use the word arrogant when it comes to Goku. There were even a couple of arrogant moments in this script that I asked them to change because I felt weird about it," Schemmel said. He prefers to think of Goku as purely a "confident" character who taps into his Saiyan nature for some of his larger battles.

So why do fans keep coming back? "I think Akira Toriyama is a storytelling genius," he said. The characters, the fight scenes, and the way it all comes together brings him back, let alone the fans.

Check out the full interview above for more of Schemmel's takes on Goku, the future of the franchise, and even whether he'll be back for Dragon Ball Super. Schemmel also lets us know who the real heroes of the process are.

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F is in select U.S. theaters now.