Second Arrow Trailer Focuses on Action, Backstory


The second trailer for Arrow, the CW's upcoming adaptation of DC Comics' Green Arrow, has dropped and it's a lot more action-packed than the first. While the first was a moody look at Oliver Queen setting up his Green Arrow base of operation, the second begins with Queen stranded on a desert island and moves through to his first action (and torture?) -packed days as a costumed vigilante in Starling (nee Star) City. Of the intimation in the series' preview text that Oliver's mother may be involved with a conspiracy to ground his ship, there doesn't appear to be anything more specific--but it does seem to suggest that Queen's father died in the wreck and that the Green Arrow gig is somehow tied to information he found in his father's things. Is Arrow, then, at least a little bit influenced by the wild success of ABC's Revenge? Arrow comes to the CW on Wednesdays beginning in October.